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End of Week 2 Announcements- Post Class Materials Available and Next Steps

posted Jan 29, 2014, 5:30 PM by San Ng   [ updated Jan 30, 2014, 2:40 PM ]
Hi all, 

- Slides for the Monday lecture are uploaded onto our class schedule and materials file, but there is no video because essentially class was a repeat of our last (ie very first) class last week for the benefit of new people who joined us. As a prelude to Wednesday's class, we did play an opinion game on issues of international development which is very reflective of real life debates in practice. 

-  Slides for Wednesday's class and the (shorter, edited) video for the class is also uploaded (at least it is BEING uploaded as I post this- it should be completed by tomorrow at most). edited: sorry folks, give me a couple more days to better the video as I got into tech issues with the video. It is uploaded for now, but the quality and editing sync is not good. I am redoing it right now. We discussed the TED talk video listed in the supplementary readings (do watch it if you haven't- it's less than 20 minutes long and really interesting), and then we delved into Theories of International Development, discussing the theories in the readings in the Schedule

- Again, please sign up for our FB group. You can ask for permission or just get a friend already in the group to add you. Please feel free to add anyone too. 

- Also, sign up for your two blog posts if you haven't already. (Christina will be doing the very first post in a couple of weeks- YEAH, Christina, thanks for being an ICTD champion and early adopter!). You can just edit directly into the document. Let me know if you have problems with doing that. More detailed criteria to follow by next week. 

- For UCB students, think about possible projects that will result in a presentation and a paper. You can join me for my current consulting projects (view first class video for details of the projects), or talk to me about your own (in groups or on your own). More details next week.