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Week 1 Instructions for Students

posted Jan 23, 2014, 2:33 PM by San Ng   [ updated Jan 23, 2014, 4:12 PM ]
For this week, please: 
- Familiarize yourself with this class website, especially with the Schedule and Materials and the Assignments
- If you did not make it to the first lecture, you can see view the slide pack here and a video of the class here (they are also linked from within Schedule and Materials)
- Email me your recommendations for how to make this class one of the best you have ever taken (see slide pack/video. In International Development speak, this is part of this class's 'Needs Assessment' )
- Register for this 3-credit class if you are not already (note that, as a couple of you have asked, you can register this as Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory if you wish)
Help market this course (virtually and at Cal). The more people taking this course, the more we enhance discussions. We can now house more students because we ended up having a bigger classroom than anticipated. 

Later/next week: 
- Once we get a sense of who is in class and I get all your emails, I will invite you to the Closed Facebook Group for class discussions. You don't have to be friends with anyone else in this group (see other privacy options), and no one outside of this group can view your posts. This will be the primary place for our internal class discussions.  
- If you are certain you would like to take this class, please sign up for your two blog assignments, which you can also access via the Assignments page. As mentioned in class, the list should have one post per week until we run out of weeks (if we have more students than weeks), and then we will have two blogs a week, etc.
- Do start thinking about your class projects. Please refer to the Slide Pack (and Class Video for explanations) for possible live projects, or start thinking about your own project topic if none of them interest you. This is not due until February but it is never too late to explore options. My preference if that you work in groups but I am willing to consider one-person projects.