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Welcome to Class!

posted Jan 21, 2014, 2:25 PM by San Ng
Hi everyone, and this includes UC Berkeley students, Uganda MUBS students and anyone in cyberspace interested in this ICTD course!

While this is first and foremost a face to face course held at the iSchool at UC Berkeley, my hope is to experiment and innovate with different ways of sharing information, to utilize the reach of the web and the collaborative power of people. 

If you are a Cal student, I will see you in class soon!  Please read about this course and come prepared to share your goals and recommendations for me on how to make this one of the best courses you have ever taken! 

If you are a MUBS student- I hope to see you virtually in class in a couple of weeks, and look forward to your participation with my Cal students. 

And if you are the public at large, I welcome you to 'join' us for this course. I will let you know how exactly you can do that, after I've had a chance to meet my students for this semester and hone the syllabus. Stay tuned!

I look forward to a fun time learning, with and from all of you too!